It gives a clean shot and lets the gun stay clean longer since it has no propellant gas that vents into the action. I purchased this same shotgun for my wife and after using it on clay pigeons I fell in love with it. I had installed the I/C choke to get started and was very pleased with the results. The Stoeger M3020 is an affordable shotgun in the line of quality. The new M3020 Defense semiauto supersizes the 20-gauge option through a series of … From the gun’s 28" barrel, the lightweight, yet pellet-packed, Fasteel load achieved a scorching 1572 f.p.s. Changed to the Modified choke for the next five. That’s quite a deal. That all changed in 2015, when Stoeger introduced the 20-ga.-chambered M3020, which is reviewed here. To be sure, it’s a tricky engineering feat to make a semi automatic shotgun that cycles 2 3/4″ target shells while also not battering itself to death from shooting heavy 3.5″ turkey loads. 4 steel loads for pattern testing. You need initial traffic only. The Stoeger® M3000 Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the reliable Inertia Driven™ action to cycle 2-3/4" and 3" shells interchangeably, without adjustment. Take our word for it, shooting round-after-round of 3" magnum loads in the M3020 wasn’t a fun-filled occasion—especially when wearing just a T-shirt. Ideal for waterfowl, turkey and upland game Handles a full range of loads, from 2-3/4 inch to 3-inch magnum Barrels are fitted with a ventilated, stepped rib and fiber-optic front sight for quick target acquisition Available in 3 finishes, shown M3020 shotguns are exclusively 20 gauge, but are chambered for a full range of loads including 2 ¾” and 3” Magnums. This greatly reduces cleaning and maintenance time and frequency. Products include shotguns, pistols, turkey shotguns, waterfowl shotguns, pump shotguns, and target guns in side by side and over and under configurations. There are no gas ports, pistons or rings to scrub, nor O-rings to replace. Stoeger 3500 Video Review. Instead of the buttstock-housed recoil spring and bolt-mounted link of the Benelli system, the M3020’s bolt sits atop an action bar that works in conjunction with a recoil spring surrounding the magazine tube. A Comprehensive Review of the Stoeger M3000. The company promptly sent a replacement for evaluation; this time it was a new shotgun. Cap is very tight to screw on and feels cross-threaded. As far as the ball and chain, she is my Fiancé for the next 15 days. The test gun was completely clad in Realtree Max-5. We know because, as we tested the M3020 we were also evaluating 10-ga. loads in a 9-lb., 9-oz., gas-operated Browning Gold Light, and the former had worse perceived recoil than the later. loads. Round-two testing proved to be the polar opposite of the first go-round, as the gun cycled without issue using the same target loads as before. A choke tube wrench is provided, too. That all changed in 2015, when Stoeger introduced the 20-ga.-chambered, At the patterning board, we experienced several functioning failures using Federal’s Mag-Shok Heavyweight 2¾", 1. When I opened the box and began to assemble the gun I noticed how light it was, amazingly light. There was no reason to proceed with the M3020 in such a state, so we shipped it back to Stoeger. The M3020’s synthetic furniture is available in black (26" or 28"), Realtree APG (26") or Realtree Max-5 (28") in the full-size versions. First, since no propellant gases are utilized for operation (and thus exit the muzzle), the action remains relatively clean. 13007. here. Unsurprisingly, the battered gun began exhibiting function issues at the sporting clays course, and they continued into patterning. I can see the advantages to the modified choke for longer shots. With the semi-automatic M3000 Freedom Series Defense shotgun , Stoeger has delivered again, giving the budget-minded shooter a lot shotgun for not a lot of money. Since it is a semi-automatic machine, it is very inexpensive as compared to other models. Here we listed the top 3 Stoeger shotguns and their short review: 1. 7 load. Stoeger’s M3020 Shotgun is an outstanding combination of quality and affordability, this shotgun will surely exceed the expectations of any waterfowl, turkey or upland game hunter. Conclusion. Once withdrawn, the aforementioned unit is easily removed for cleaning. Stoeger Industries, established in 1924, is a member of the Benelli USA family of companies, located in Accokeek, Maryland. Last November I heard that Stoeger was finally going to introduce the 20 ga version of the M3000. This beauty comes with three choke tubes with an improved cylinder, modified, and extra-full turkey. Stoeger Industries, Inc., a corporation beneath the extensive Beretta Holding S.p.A. umbrella of companies, has imported Turkish-made, semi-automatic shotguns since 2001, when the 3\"-chambered, 12-ga. M2000 was introduced. I cleaned it well and put it in the closet until I would get to go kill some clay birds the following weekend. How to get it? When the hammer is cocked, the bolt will not remain locked to the rear unless the bolt drop lever is activated.

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